My Travel Gym Bag Essentials with adidas #Sponsored

I have been constantly on the go this year. From blogger conferences to wedding duties, I’ve spent over a full month so far not at home! In fact, while you’re reading this I am actually just getting back from eleven days in New England for one of my best friend’s wedding celebration and my birthday on the beach! Suffice it to say, I have done quite a bit of packing in 2019. 

Now, you all know that I like to take my health pretty seriously, so while I don’t always take gym gear with me on short weekend trips, on longer jaunts I want to make sure I have a selection of items that will let me stay active. But as someone who prefers to travel with just a carry on, bringing a slew of active wear and items isn’t feasible. I choose items that are multipurpose, fashion forward, and mix and match well! I like to be ready for anything, so I’ll pack for everything from yoga to a quick hike!

1. A Foldable Yoga Mat

Being a yoga instructor I do yoga pretty much everywhere. I make a game of it, trying to take the most interesting yoga photos I can while on vacation. (True story: I actually met my latest ex-boyfriend while upside down in a handstand while on vacation in Hawaii!) So while the foldable yoga mats aren’t the most comfortable when it comes to padding on your knees, they are amazing for sliding into a carry on and unfurling for a bit of extra protection and non-slip wherever your yoga practice takes you! I have loved this travel mat from Jade Yoga for years!

2. Versatile Sneakers

When packing lightly, you need a pair of sneakers that can easily transition from a morning bike ride to an afternoon strolling around in a sundress with a cocktail in hand! I love a good pair of sneakers, but I feel like so often they can be one extreme or the other- either a full on bulky grew gym sneaker or ‘Instagram girl’ sneakers that you can’t actually be active in! My favorite company that bridges the cap is adidas (who, is sponsoring this post, thanks adidas!) because they have so many pairs of shoes that are functional and fashionable. While I absolutely love my current running sneaks that are a sleek black and white, I am dying for a pair of the Adiease shoes that come in everything from mint to palm print and everything in between. 

3. A Sports Bra with Shape

Sports bras are completely different for everyone, so (obviously) choose one that makes you feel the most comfortable, but when I’m traveling I always make sure to bring a bra that makes me feel pretty! Whether that be from giving shape instead of squishing or having fun straps that can peek out from under a tank top on a beach jog matters not, but I just want to make sure it is a cute bra that I’d want to be seen! I mean, I *am* the girl that tends to end up in the ocean with all her clothes on for the fun of it!

4. Dry Shampoo

Dry shampoo is a godsend for those of us ladies who love to workout but aren’t a big fan on washing our hair every day! Personally with my mermaid hair I have, slowly and for a long time grease-ily, transitioned to only washing my hair once a week! So having a great dry shampoo is important. I make my own dry shampoo powder, but there are a lot of great shampoos out there. Just make sure that you don’t get an aerosol or the TSA is going to confiscate!

5. Comfy Joggers

I LIVE in leggings and comfy not-quite sweatpants. When traveling I wear them constantly- I love leggings for plane rides and for sitting near a bonfire! When choosing a pair of pants, make sure they aren’t too bold! While I love a fancy pants legging, when you choose a statement pant they don’t mix and match as well as they could. Instead choose something neutral with fun details! I love the classic Essentials 3-Stripes Joggers from adidas. They have a great shape and have a bit of flair without being over the top!

I am going to go pop all of this laundry in the wash, while still wearing joggers, and see to getting the rest of the sand out of my sneakers! I’d love to know what your essentials are for traveling while fit as well! Make sure to pop over to Instagram to let me know what your favorites are and you can see a behind the scenes peek of how I pack!

This post was sponsored by adidas. Some links are affiliate links. All opinions are my own.

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