One Step Protein Flapjacks: Kodiak Cakes Review & Giveaway!

Hello Darlings!
I am not a morning person. And because of that I’m not particularly fond of waking up to cook breakfast. (Brunch, however, completely different story.) So when there is a one-step way to make a delicious and healthy breakfast I can’t help but get excited. Kodiak Cakes, a whole grain and all-natural flapjack and waffle mix now with a protein-laden version, Power Cakes is just that! Just add water and you’re good to go!
Now, I am not the best at cooking gorgeous flapjacks. I was spoiled when I lived at home and could use my mom’s very well seasoned skillet that made perfect pancakes every single flip. So, using a frying pan took some getting used to.

Even now I still have wrinkly pancakes that tend to be unevenly browned (apartment stoves aren’t exactly perfect when it comes to heating evenly) but this wasn’t the case with Kodiak Cakes! They were super easy to pour, flip, and cook all the way through! Wait for the bubbles in the center of the flapjack to pop, then flip. Easy as pie.

The box also gives options for three separate protein levels. Adding water, milk, or milk and an egg, can raise the protein levels (14, 18, 21 grams!) while maintaining consistency! Which is great for those of us looking to add a bit of extra healthy protein into our diets, all while having ingredients that are easy to read (i.e. whole!)

I am absolutely adoring my Power Cakes Protein Flapjack Mix from Kodiak Cakes and I am sure that you will too! Enter to win one of three Kodiak Cakes prize packs in the Rafflecopter below! US only, no P.O. boxes please. Ends 7/28/14

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