Building on Your Holistic First Aid Kit

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I have a whole arsenal of holistic first aid supplies on hand. One of my first posts about holistic remedies here on Chickadee Says was the Basic Holistic First Aid Kit that covered preventing sickness, stress and anxiety, upset stomachs, burns, sore throats, and sleeplessness. I thought it was high time to create a part two (not going to lie, I feel like such a cool kid- my post needs a sequel!) I love that a few of these you’ll already have on hand in your kitchen and the rest are available just down the street at the health foods store!

For Scrapes and Skin Problems:

1. If you follow me on Twitter you might have seen that I recently fought a loosing battle with a handstand. I came out of the skirmish with rug burn battle scars, which, quite frankly, are no fun. Calendula Oil to the rescue! This amazing flowering plant is an incredible moisturizer, an anti-inflammatory, and an antibacterial. Massage a bit of the oil into your scrape and you’re on you way to faster healing. Calendula oil is also great to help treat skin conditions like eczema.

2. I used to think that Vitamin E was just a supplement you take internally in my handful of vitamins every morning. But if you break those capsules open you have a wonderful healing agent that is perfect for soothing, and helping to heal, cracked skin. Try breaking a capsule open and spreading the content on your lips for an instant lip rejuvenator!

For Wounds:

3. Manuka Honey, despite its rather ridiculous sounding name, is a great natural way to treat wounds. Its antibacterial properties help prevent infection, and its anti-inflammatory properties work quickly to reduce both swelling and pain.

4. I love the versatility of tea tree oil. Its antiseptic and antifungal qualities are great for cleaning wounds, and preventing bacteria and other irritants from growing. I also use tea tree oil for acne- dab a bit on pimples to fight the bacteria that causes breakouts, and cleaning yoga mats like in my DIY All Natural Yoga Mat Cleaner.

For Headaches:

5. The amount of Traumeel I go through is rather absurd. I use it quite often as part of my regimen for combatting Post Workout Muscle Soreness (make sure to check out this post for the rest of my routine!) but it is very useful for more than just soreness! These pain relievers and anti-inflammatories are great for headaches and include Belladonna, Calendula, and Echinacea. Essentially, Traumeel acts like a holistic ibuprofen.

For Insect Bites:

6. Simple and incredibly effective, baking soda mixed with apple cider vinegar is my go-to for insect bites for relieving pain. When the paste dries it pulls out the poison from your body, and also can help release the stinger if you are unable to remove it with tweezers. The apple cider vinegar helps to cut the pain of the sting or bite.

For Bleeding:

7. Now, I know this sounds rather painful (and it does bite) but for a quick way to help bleeding stop apply cayenne pepper directly into the wound. The cayenne pepper helps the blood to clot and also has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.

Do you have a remedy that you would add to this list or my Basic Holistic First Aid Kit? Let me know in the comments below!

Please note that I am not a physician nor a certified naturopath. These are remedies that have worked for me, consult a doctor. Some links are affiliate links.
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