Tinkerbelle’s Ruff Wear Grip Trex All-Terrain Paw Wear Review

Hello Darlings!

As evidenced on my Instagram I was caught in Nemo, a blizzard last weekend that dumped nearly three feet of snow on my house here in Connecticut. When all was said and done, snow was abundant, as was salt on the roads, which is terrible for dogs’ paws. Rock salt, in both texture and composition, can erode your dog’s paws. The chunks of salt get stuck in the crevices of the pads on their feet, and the chemical additives used to decrease ice’s melting time, both harm the dog’s paws and can be ingested when a dog licks their feet to ease their discomfort.
Although at my home we use pet-safe road salt, I purchased what I call Tinkerbelle’s ‘city boots’ for her to wear on road walks when the snow is too deep to tromp around. These boots are a set of four RuffWear Grip Trex all-terrain paw wear, and are fabulous. They protect your pup’s paws from the elements, debris, and in my particular case, road salt.
These boots work wonderfully. After the initial period of Tink walking around looking like a high-stepping Tennessee Walking Horse while getting used to them on her feet, she was off (Do try to not laugh hysterically at your pup ‘dancing,’ I tried my best and failed; Tinkerbelle was not so pleased.) The boots’ Velcro closures kept a snug fit, keeping them secure even when Tink ran. Normally, Tinkerbelle, a Samoyed, being the sled dog that she is, doesn’t need boots in the snow. Add a dab of Musher’s Secret and she is good to go. But during our road walk Tink decided to go exploring, bounding up five-foot (and higher) snow banks, and hopping around in the slowly melting snow. Even with this rather extreme activity the boots stayed on, quite a feat of engineering.
The boots themselves are incredibly well made. Soles made from Vibram material (yes, that Vibram, the one who makes those odd Five-Finger shoes that are so incredibly popular) give the boots a perfect multiple-direction flexibility and grip. Mesh uppers keep the shoes light, and a dash of reflective material can keep your pet safer in low-light conditions. The Velcro is also fully adjustable, making sure for a snug fit. Also, on each box there is a flap that you may place your dog’s paw on to make sure you buy the correct size. Point to RuffWear for thinking of everything!
I would highly recommend these boots for any dog that will be exposed to any rough terrain, whether it be trail runs, tromps in the snow, or city walking where salt and debris are common. They fit well, look great, and are incredibly well made. Four paws up!
Make sure to check out RuffWear and tell them ChickadeeSays sent you!
What is your favorite winter activity to do with your pets? Let me know in the comments below!

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