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Hello and welcome! I’m Kait, the often barefoot and muddy voice behind Modern Hippie Habits. MHH started out as a creative outlet for when I was feeling a bit stifled in a city and has since evolved into a love letter to my passions- cooking, urban homesteading, animals, and living a slow life. I focus on sustainability, balance, and inclusion. Everyone is welcome here and I cannot wait for you to explore with me.

Urban HomeSteading

Urban homesteading isn’t one-size-fits-all. Discover how to garden, raise animals, and more in a way that suits you. Based in Denver, CO.


Highlight seasonal, local ingredients to create elevated basics and stunning works of culinary art! It’s always a great thing to eat well.

Slow Living

Living sustainably isn’t boring! I incorporate slow living into everything from workouts and home projects to travel and library book choices.


For me a house isn’t quite a home until it is filled with animals! Meet Tinkerbelle, Meeko, and Sage and see the mischief they get into.

Hi! I’m Kait!

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